steep it REAL

Tea is the second-most consumed beverage in the world next to water, but many packaged teas on the shelf contain only imported ingredients from thousands of miles away with limited traceability and are loaded with fake flavorings, which makes it tough to connect with what’s in our cups. 

We prefer to steep it real! 

We're on a mission to craft the best and most delicious tea blends possible by redefining how herbs and botanicals are sourced. We partner directly with regional farmers for unique botanical brews for a sense of place you can experience in every cup.  

There are so many botanicals growing right here in our collective backyard that allow us to celebrate local flavor. We blend with ingredients like Yaupon (our only native caffeinated plant) and other Southeast-grown herbs like lime basil and mojito mint to create super fresh Farm-to-Teacup blends. And we let the real herbs shine through by never adding fake flavorings to our brews.

In the long-term, we believe that building a shorter supply chain right here by sourcing ingredients directly from regional farmers builds value and wealth in our community, reduces carbon footprint within the tea industry, preserves farmland and brews a uniquely delicious cup of tea. Our growing focus is on working with farmers utilizing regenerative agricultural practices so that we are not only sourcing sustainably but also helping make a real positive impact on the land around us.

We hope every single cup of tea will be an experience of real local flavor and the vibe of Blue Ridge Mountains.

We believe in creating the most delicious cups of tea, using a local, farm-to-teacup approach to ingredient sourcing. By having direct involvement with the farmers who grow our herbs, we can support sustainable and regenerative growing methods as well as tell the story of where our herbs come from so you can experience what’s in your cup from seed to sip.