Let's Get this Par-TEA Started

Let's Get this Par-TEA Started


This blend packs a punch! Inspired by a classic Mojito cocktail, we blend regionally grown lime basil and mint with organic hibiscus for vibrant color and flavor. 

This summer blend was named after one of its ingredients. Mojito Mint is traditionally used in Cuba as a core ingredient in the famous Mojito cocktail. Mojito mint is also a cooling herb that is rich in nutrients and can help to increase alertness, while decreasing levels of frustration, anxiety and fatigue. Even more, hibiscus is loaded with antioxidants to keep you healthy & happy :)


Asheville Tea Company sources herbs and botanicals from over a dozen farms in the Southeast. Our goal is to cultivate partnerships with regional farms for the majority of our tea blend ingredients. 

For our Hibiscus Mojito blend, many of our herbs and botanicals were sourced from Our Friendly Allies(Marshall, NC), Rayburn Farms (Barnardsville, NC),  Biome Botanicals, Kestrel Herb Farm(Sandy Mush, NC), Fiddler's Green Farm (Marshall, NC), Maple Spring Gardens (Cedar Grove, NC) and Mystic Roots Farm.

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